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Screenplays and Television

Blackbird Rise

Written with Marisa Zanotti, as yet unproduced.

5 short films all set in the same council estate in England. The films are short glimpses of ordinary people trying to get by.  Each film tells a story which is in some way related to the death of a young soldier in Afghanistan. As you watch each film you learn more about his life and death.

A Complicated Kindness

Director and Producing Company: Sarah Gavron, Company Pictures

An adaptation of the novel by Miriam Toews about Nomi, a young girl growing up in a strict Mennonite community on the prairies of Manitoba. Nomi’s mother suddenly goes missing and she must try to work out what happened despite the community closing ranks and shutting her out.

There is still hope this screenplay may be shot some time soon.


Director and Producing Company: Fabrice Du Welz, Film Four
I did a rewrite on this film. I really enjoyed the work. Horror is not my genre but it was fun to try to work out the psychologies of these fascinating characters. Fabrice was fun to work with as well. He just loves mud and gore and freaky babies. It’s not really ‘my’ film but if you like my work you might be interested to rent it and see if you can spot the bits I wrote.

Learn more here:

Watch the trailer


Director and Producing Company Marisa Zanotti, Oxygen Films

A school residential trip to an outdoor centre in the highlands. Alicia hates it and wants to buy fags. Cheyenne is shy and just doesn’t want to be left alone. The two of them set off into the woods after dinner to see if they can find cigarettes. In the woods they find magic, boys and danger,

This film was screwed up by The UK film council.

I doubt it will ever get made now which is a shame as it’s really rather good.

At the End of the Sentence

Director and Producing Company: Marisa Zanotti, Oxygen Films, 2005

A wee gem. You can see it here:

BIFA Best Short Film 2006 (Nomination)

The Darkest Hour

Producing Company: Crab Apple Films

A Bleak rom com in which a hitman falls in love with a suicidal girl.

Nominated for the Hartley Merrill Screenwriting Award

This screenplay got me invited to Hollywood where my reluctance to share a hotel room and my use of the word ‘partner’ to describe my wife had my hosts thinking I was a racist militant gay man. I thought they were treating me slightly oddly. It was all made clear at the end of my trip. By which time the arc of my character journey in Hollywood was over.

Uncommitted Crimes

Producing Company: Kudos Productions

Crime and Punishment set in Glasgow. Media student kills landlady and then goes mad.
 This screenplay was given a staged reading by The National Theatre of Scotland


Director and Producing Company: Shiona McCubbin, BBC Scotland, 2002

In 2002 
I walked the length of the M8 in two days to make this documentary in which I muse on writing, connections and the places we drive past on our way to bigger or more exciting cities.


Director and Producing Company Patrick Harkins, BBC Scotland, 1996
According to one online site this is one of Jane Horrocks’s worst films. I’m rather fond of it.

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