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Anyway they performed a show, especially for us, in the rubble of their theatre.

something of a pause

My palms were sweating all the way through the show. I just wanted to get the fuck out. Because I didn’t want to die.

something of a pause

They said you never get used to the feeling.

This play was written for a one night event at The Royal Court to celebrate the work of the court’s international department. Five writers responded to the experience of working with writers abroad. I wrote this 10 minute long piece about my time in Ramallah.

Title: Ramallah
Premier Place and Date: Royal Court, London, 2004
Director and Producing Company: Ramin Gray, Royal Court Theatre
Publication Details:
Translation Details: None
Foreign Performances: None
Awards, Prizes: None
Characters: 2 (Male – 1 Female – 1)