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Radio Plays


Originally Broadcast: Radio 3, Drama on 3, 30th January 2011.
Director: Roxanna Silbert

This version of the play had to be severely cut down from the original in order to fit into the broadcast slot. Some of the cuts worked well, though, and were subsequently incorporated into the version of Dunsinane which toured to Scotland and Stratford later in 2011.


Originally Broadcast: Radio 4, Friday Play, June 2011.

Director: David iain Neville

This version of the play had to be cut by a third to fit into it’s broadcast slot so it’s a bit different, a bit less musical, than the stage production. But radio suits the storytelling style very well and Matthew and Cora give two terrific, intimate performances.


Originally Broadcast: Radio Scotland, 7th January 2009
Director: Kirsty Williams

Matthew Pigeon and Samantha Young give two terrific performances as a couple trying to consummate a long standing affair in a cold hotel room.

An Ember in the Straw

Originally Broadcast: Radio 4 Friday Play, May 2004
Director: Patrick Rayner

This play is an early version of “The American Pilot”. An American pilot crash lands near a rural village in a war torn country. The locals capture him, put him in a barn and try to decide what’s best to do with him. In the meanwhile, young Evie, the farmer’s daughter, thinks he ought to be free.

Being Norwegian

Originally Broadcast: Radio Scotland 50th Anniversary Celebration, December 2003
Director: Philip Howard

A man brings a woman home to his flat. She says she is Norwegian. He doesn’t believe her.

This version was the play’s first outing and was performed by Vicky Lidelle and Ewan Stewart.

The Magpie and the Cat

Originally Broadcast: Radio 3, 2003
10 mins

A male Magpie chats up a Cat in a pub. Drunk he takes her home. The Cat rips his throat out.

As well as it’s radio outing, this play has been successfully staged by Collaboraction in Chicago and also had a lovely production at The Tron Theatre starring Davey Kane and Alison Peebles.

Outlying Islands

Originally Broadcast: Radio 3, 2002
Director: Marilyn Imrie

This is a radio version of the stage play. It was the play’s first outing. I think it worked rather beautifully on the radio. I would love to hear a copy if anyone has one.

The Commuter

Originally Broadcast: Radio 3, 2001
Director: Patrick Rayner

A surreal comic odyssey in which a man tries to get home from London to Edinburgh during a period of floods.

I LOVE this play. I think it’s possible my favourite out of all the plays I’ve ever written. The story came suddenly and strangely. It was produced with boldness and humour by Patrick Rayner and the performances of Mike Nardone and Liam Brennan are spectacularly good.


Originally Broadcast: Radio 4 Friday Play, February 2000
Director: Patrick Rayner
60 mins

A contemporary variation of the legend, “Leda and the Swan”. It’s night and a young woman is about to commit suicide by throwing herself into the pond at the bottom of Blackford Hill in Edinburgh. She is stopped by a drunk Swan who wants a light and some vodka. Eventually the Swan persuades the woman that if she’s really determined to die she should go out with a ‘Swan Song’ – a night out in Edinburgh like no other. And so she climbs on his back and they fly…

This was another of Patrick Rayner’s genius productions.

The play has occasionally been given a staged reading but no one has, as yet, performed it. Which is a shame as it would go well on stage, I think.

Copper Sulphate

Originally Broadcast: Radio 3, November, 1996
Director: Patrick Rayner

This play is the only one I have written directly inspired by my experience of growing up in Nigeria in the 1970’s.