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Not About Pomegranites

A comedy set in the early days of the second intifada. A Palestinian pomegranite farmer wants to deliver his crop to a fruit merchant in Ramallah but is prevented from doing by an Israeli checkpoint. He tries all the tricks he knows to get the fruit past the checkpoint guard. Eventually he hatches a scheme to stage a fake wedding between his feisty daughter and the idiot son of the fruiterer. The Israelis have been known to let wedding parties through for humanitarian reasons. The only trouble is, not everyone involved knows the wedding is a fake.

Rashad: Maybe that was true in the old days, Dad.
But not now, not for our generation.
Now when a man and a woman meet – it’s about pure love,
like a bullet in the heart.
And… she’s a sniper, shooting from a rooftop,
and she’s got me right here.
Oh Noor… noor… oh oh oh oh.

Saafi hits Rashad.

Saafi: Pomegranites. Boy. Concentrate on Pomegranites.

Rufus Norris and I were invited to spend a month working with the Actors at Al Kasaba theatre in Ramallah in order to devise a play. George Ibrahim – The Producer – wanted a comedy ‘to take people’s mind off things.’ So Rufus and I spent a month living and working in Ramallah. While we were there, the 2nd Intifada began to escalate with suicide bombs in Tel Aviv and F16 air attacks on Ramallah. It was frightening to be there but also one of the most exciting times I’ve experienced on every level: emotional, political and theatrical. No other experience of my life has shaped my writing so much as that month.

Title: Not About Pomegranites (Mish Alla Ruman)
Premier Place and Date: Al Kasaba Theatre, Ramallah, Palestine 2000
Director and Producing Company: Rufus Norris, Al Kasaba Theatre Company
Publication Details: None
Translation Details: None
Foreign Performances: None
Awards, Prizes: None
Characters: 7 (Male – 5 Female – 2)