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Essays and Articles

Essays and articles will be available to download shortly.

Diary Piece – Futurology

These extracts from my diary cover the development and rehearsal of Futurology. It was published in The Guardian in 2007.

Diary piece – Pyrenees/ American Pilot/ Cosmonaut

Contemporary Theatre Review published this extract from my diary covering the period of time when I was rehearsing American Pilot in Stratford, Pyrenees in Glasgow and Cosmonaut in London.

Sunday Herald

Piece on the National Theatre of Scotland
A piece on why there should be a National Theatre of Scotland

Doing a Geographical

This is an essay reflecting on my experience doing writers workshops in Syria in 2005. It was published in Product magazine in 2006.


This essay was intended as part of a sequence of essays about the Black Wood of Rannoch.

Lovesongs to the Auld Enemy – Essays on England by Scottish Writers – Edited by David Greig

Publication details: Capercaillie Books, ISBN 0954962559

Pictures With Meaning

The Guardian have a feature where writers choose a picture that has meaning for them and write about it. I chose a picture from Mr Bump. Unfortunately the Mister Men organisation wouldn’t allow the picture to be used with my essay because they didn’t want ‘Mr Bump or any of the mister men to be associated with negativity.’ Which begs the question: Mr Worry? Mr Mean? Mr Grumpy?. I then wrote about a picture of the manager of the Scottish Football team in 1978 at the world cup holding his head in his hands.

Guardian article on Ramallah

The Guardian asked writers who had traveled abroad to do workshops with The Royal Court to write a short essay about the city they visited. I wrote about Ramallah.

Guardian article on Caligula

This article about the British attitude to French Theatre was written for the opening of Caligula at The Donmar Warehouse.

BBC Charter article

This article was commissioned by The BBC to support their application for charter renewal. It’s an exploration of the way the BBC supports new play writing.

‘Europe’ in Chemnitz

This article describes the experience of seeing ‘Europe’ performed in Chemnitz, in 1996.

Glasgow Herald article on Scottish Theatre

This article is an appeal for Scottish Theatre to do more new writing. It was written at some point in the early 1990′s for the Glasgow Herald.

John Law

This article about John Law and his Mississipi scheme was written to coincide with the opening of ‘The Speculator’.

Scotsman article on ‘The Architect’

This article about The Architect was written for The Scotsman to coincide with the play’s opening in Edinburgh.

Download here.

San Diego article

This article, published to coincide with the opening of San Diego, reflects on authors who put themselves into their own work.