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Paul writes English Language text books. He has come to Damascus, unwillingly, to seal a deal with his contact Muna. Muna can’t accept Pauls’ books without some ‘very small’ changes. Muna, Paul and Muna’s boss Wasim discuss the small acts of censorship, the stereotypes and the dreams that mark the wests dealing with the arab world. Paul and Muna decide to make a stand which – in the end – draws them into a moving brief encounter. Meanwhile Zakaria, the hotel porter, is desperate to get out. He has written a film script which he wants Paul to read. Maybe Paul can help him get to Hollywood. The story is related by Elena, a ukranian transsexual cocktail pianist who – ‘was there in the beginning, was there at the end, is always there.’

Wasim: Doubt, hesitancy, timidity, uncertainty – these are the ways we go towards the truth. Slowly. Unsure of ourselves. Is this the right way? Are you OK? How is it for you?

Title: Damascus
Premier Place and Date: Edinburgh 2007
Director and Producing Company: Philip Howard, Traverse Theatre
Publication Details: Faber ISBN 057123917X
Translation Details: none
Foreign Performances: none
Awards, Prizes: none
Characters: 5 (Male – 3 Female – 2)