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Being Norwegian

A man brings a woman home to his flat. She says she is Norwegian. He doesn’t believe her.

Lisa: Shh.
This is perfect.
The two of us.
So late at night.
The city asleep at our feet.
Alone together and hungry.

Sean: Would you like something to eat?
I’ve got toast.

Lisa: No – I mean hungry in the Norwegian sense.
‘Hungry’ you know
With a needing in us.

This play was performed, by me, action man and Barbie, at the CDE Conference in Bremen 2005.

Title: Being Norwegian
Premier Place and Date: Originally Broadcast Radio Scotland 50th Anniversary Celebration, December 2003
Director and Producing Company: Philip Howard
Publication Details: None
Translation Details: None
Foreign Performances: None
Awards, Prizes: None
Characters: 0 (Male – 0 Female – 0)